Four siblings who work in a maid cafe run by their parents work diligently to serve their masters. Wearing cute, and sometimes slightly skimpy costumes, they go around the Cherry Girls cafe making pastries and waiting tables. Every element seems typical for an average H series about maids, right? But wait! What is the surprise here? It seems that these cute girls are actually cute boys?!? Otoko no Ko wa Meidofuku ga Osuki [オトコのコはメイド服がお好き!?] roughly translates to “Boys Who Like to Wear Maid Costumes!?”.

I plan on translating the more recent chapters of this series and posting the English translations on this site. There are some chapters that I don’t have access to (chapters 11, chapter 12 parts 1-2, chapters 13-26; if anyone has these scrips or has access to these scripts and is kind enough to provide me with scripts, it would be great if you could email them to me). As my Japanese isn’t all too great, if I make any mistakes in translations, please inform me and excuse me from making such mistakes. It seems like he isn’t actively posting anymore, but head on to suneo’s page (http://yuuwaku.wordpress.com/) for earlier translations in the series.

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