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We all know when we see an attractive art style. When you catch a glance of those seductive eyes or that stunning hair, something goes off in your head that says, “now this, this is art”. But, what exactly catches our attention as consumers in the Japanese anime/manga industry? Needless to say, art styles of mangaka in general have changed (perhaps evolved) over the years. Sense in fashion and what’s “in” is always different. What was in style and popular in the nineties is, needless to say, different from today’s fads.

For me, what i look for in art is:
1: uniqueness
Nothing beats an original and new art style.
2: professionalism
Obviously, the amount of skill and talent an artist has influences what we think about the drawings hat they produce.
3: spark
An indescribable feeling. The style has a certain charm that draws you in.

Rokuroichi’s art style is one of my favorites.

I love how she draws her eyes with pretty long eyelashes. Her pictures have an element of cuteness along with a note of sexiness (especially in this one). And look at those lips and tongues!
Buriki’s art is a treat to look at (pun intended).

Wonderful coloring and charming illustrations seem to describe Buriki’s style.
Cute, clean, colorful and c…cool! Kantoku’s art is definitely some of the most unique and famous in the light novel industry.

Last, but not least, the art style of Kishida Mel.

I especially love the soft watercolors that go wonderfully with the soft lines in Kishida’s art.

Doubtless, here are many more styles that exist and will exist that capture our eyes. These are merely some that I wanted to point out.